Participant info

Saturday 10.8.2024
Start/Finish: Saimaanranta Resort by Anttolanhovi 
Address: Hovintie 224, 52100 Anttola, Finnland

Luonteri Pyöräily is a recreational, non-competitive cycling event organised by Etelä-Savon Liikunta ry (ESLi).

By signing up in time, you can ensure your participation and access to all the related services. Read through this information carefully before the event.



Men’s ride, 95 km, 95 km e-bike

Women’s ride, 95 km, 95 km e-bike

Mixed ride, 40 km, 40 km e-bike



The joint start for the 95 km and 40 km rides is from Anttolanhovi at 10:00.

The finish line and timing service closes at 18:00.



The traffic regulations must be followed. Road sections and the cycling route will not be closed to other traffic.

The route runs along the right edge of the road, taking other traffic into account. The long-distance route (95km) has quite steep downhill slopes, so adjust your cycling speed in accordance with your own cycling skills and keep an adequate safety distance in the front.



The 95 km route has fast downhill slopes, so adjust your speed based on your own cycling skills and the condition of the road, while also taking into account other cyclists.

All participants must wear a cycling helmet. If you do not have a helmet, you cannot participate in the event. We will make sure everyone is wearing a helmet before they start.



There are three refreshment points along the 95 km route, and these all offer water, sport beverages, nuts, raisins, and pickles, and possibly other snacks as well (further information to follow).

There is one refreshment point on the 40 km route. The organizer's refreshment points are only open on the day of the event. The organizer reserves the right to change the products provided by the refreshment points if necessary.

After completing the route, cyclists will be able to enjoy some tasty food in the immediate vicinity of the finish line. Anttolanhovi is responsible for providing this local food.



Showers and sauna are available at Anttolanhovi.


Follow the P signs and the traffic controller's instructions. Parking is free of charge.


All cycling routes will be marked carefully, so there is no risk of getting lost!



During the event, we will be taking photographs so that later on we can visually relate the atmosphere of the Luonteri Pyöräily, for example on our website and when we advertise next year's event. We reserve the right to use the pictures we take.


Everyone participates in the event at their own risk. Check the coverage of your own leisure time insurance. Etelä-Savon Liikunta ry DOES NOT provide insurance for participants.